Proving the Creative Class can Make Money

I am horrible at clearing out the tabs in my browsers. For instance, take a look at the tabs open right now:

Full Google Chrome tab bar

This is a light day for me.

Really, I keep tabs open for a long, long time. One that has been open 6 months now is from Salon and references an article titled, “The creative class is a lie.

The premise of the article is intellectual property creators cannot survive thanks to the internet. The internet should have enabled more IP creators to make a living, but it hasn’t turned out that way.

What is the Creative Class

The article defines the creative class using writers, editors and film makers as examples, but the truth is it anyone who creates something of value that isn’t a physical good. Content creators is a good term.

How can the Creative Class Make Money

I don’t know if there is a formula for success each and every time, but I do know people can succeed. Will it be as marvelously easy and successfully as in the past? Nope.

Everything has Changed

Long gone are monolithic corporations that anoint winners and losers. The replacement is what some people call the long tail and user generated content. It is an ocean of content that people can bob in looking for what appeals to them. This means there will be less sales and income across many, many more content creators.

Launchplex is where observations and stories about furthering content creators making money on the internet.

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